Italy: Court ruling on toxic steelworks human rights complaint

Residents in areas affected by toxic emissions from the Ilva steel factory in Taranto Italy, did suffer violations of their human rights.

Court backs Germany’s refusal to reimburse legal expenses of Sobibór extermination camp guard John Demjanjuk

In May 2011, the late John Demjanjuk was convicted by a regional court for the murder of 28,060, persons while acting as a guard in the Sobibór extermination camp, but the proceedings were discontinued after his death in March 2012 while an appeal on points of law was still pending.

Italy: European court awards €18,000 to Amanda Knox after human rights complaint

Today’s European Court of Human Rights judgment concerned the proceedings which lead to the conviction of Amanda Knox for malicious accusation.

Judges award €9,000 to Skopje transgender man after human rights breach

The case concerned administrative proceedings in which the applicant, who is transgender, had sought to have the sex/gender marker on the birth certificate changed.

Court backs Switzerland over “accident compenasation” insurance snooping

The European court declared ill-founded an application concerning the surveillance of an insured person in public areas by investigators from a private insurance company.