Court: Sweden must assess consequences of Iranian’s Christianity conversion before taking deportation decision

The complaint concerned the refusal of asylum to an Iranian national converted to Christianity in Sweden. The applicant, F.G., notably alleged that, if expelled to Iran, he would be at a real risk of being persecuted and punished or sentenced to death owing to his political past in the country and his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

Podcast: The flip side of Europe’s refugee crisis – Why Sweden’s Jämtland Härjedalen region needs newcomers!

In this podcast, Thomas Andersson, a local councillor in Sweden explains why his Jämtland Härjedalen region needs refugees and migrants.

Thorbjørn Jagland: Europe’s struggle against Islamist terrorism could last decades

Interviewed yesterday by the United Kingdom’s BBC Radio Five evening news programme, the Secertary General said Europe could beat the terrorists through effective police work, international law enforcement cooperation, prison de-radicalisation and an emphasis on democratic citizenship.

Turkey: Court ruling highlights “passive” attitude towards domestic violence victim

The judgement concerned the domestic violence experienced by M.G. during her marriage, the threats made against her following her divorce and the subsequent proceedings.

Turkey: Security force prison operation led to human rights violations

The case, brought by 22 Turkish nationals, concerned an operation conducted by security forces in Bayrampaşa Prison on account of hunger strikes and a death fast begun by the prisoners, including the applicants, and its consequences.