Spain: Strasbourg court ruling in same-sex survivor pension rights row

The case concerned the applicant’s complaint of having been discriminated against on the ground of his sexual orientation in that he was denied a survivor’s pension following the death of his partner, with whom he had lived in a de facto marital relationship.

France: Judges reject same-sex marriage human rights complaint

The applicants, Stéphane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier, argued that limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples amounted to a discriminatory infringement of the right to marry. They also claimed that they had been discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Thorbjørn Jagland urges clampdown on web addresses promoting sex crimes against children

Governments and internet service providers must prevent the registration of web addresses which openly refer to child sexual abuse, according to Thorbjørn Jagland.

Switzerland: Court judgement in university professor anti-Semitism human rights row

The case concerned a judgment against the CICAD association in civil proceedings for describing statements by a university professor as anti-Semitic on its website.

Video: Intersex children and medical sex assignment – Whose right to choose?

This video, focussing on the impact of medical sex assignment on intersex children, features interviews with Kitty Anderson, Chairperson of Intersex Iceland / Secretary of the Board, OII Europe and Mika Venhola, a Finnish paediatric surgeon.