Turkey: Court ruling highlights “passive” attitude towards domestic violence victim

The judgement concerned the domestic violence experienced by M.G. during her marriage, the threats made against her following her divorce and the subsequent proceedings.

Turkey: Security force prison operation led to human rights violations

The case, brought by 22 Turkish nationals, concerned an operation conducted by security forces in Bayrampaşa Prison on account of hunger strikes and a death fast begun by the prisoners, including the applicants, and its consequences.

Romania: Court awards €39,000 to mum after medical malpractice human rights complaint

The case concerned Elena Cojocaru’s complaint about the death of her daughter and granddaughter due to medical malpractice.

Video: Migration and refugees – a moment of truth for community relations in Europe

“We have to understand the people who say they are scared,” says Eva Smith Rasmussen, the former chair of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI). “Our societies are built on democracy and humanity and we should not forget these principles in these days of pressure.”

Turkey: Lack of openness in parliamentary process and independence of judiciary are sources of concern

The Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) report focuses on corruption prevention in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.