Podcast: Karmen Turk – Why Delfi As v Estonia human rights court judgement still matters to all web users

In this podcast, media lawyer Karmen Turk, discusses why the European court’s judgement in the complaint Delfi AS v. Estonia, continues to resonate, as concerns grow about the state of freedom of expression in the digital era.

Podcast: “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to maintain freedom of expression online”

In this podcast, Dr Matthias Traimer, reviews the compliance standards which govern freedom of expression in the digital era.

Podcast: Ineta Ziemele – “The European Court cannot be a front-runner on freedom of expression”

In this podcast, Latvia’s former European Court judge Ineta Ziemele, admits that the court “cannot be a front-runner” on issues of freedom of expression in the digital era.

Hungary: Court awards €3m to religious community after human rights breach

The court’s award of €3 million is made to the applicant Magyarországi Evangéliumi Testvérközösség, a religious community which originally existed and operated lawfully in Hungary as a church.

Romania: Court gives six month deadline on detention conditions in breach of European human rights law

The complaint concerned the conditions of detention in Romanian prisons and in detention facilities attached to police stations.