Nils Muižnieks’ human rights annual report 2015

Fear and insecurity were the dominant European themes of 2015, according to Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks, in his annual report.

Greece: Iraqi migrant’s protest at detention conditions set for human rights judgement

The case concerns the Iraqi’s allegations of poor conditions of detention at the Tychero border post and the proceedings in which he challenged the lawfulness of his detention.

Poland: Court ruling to spotlight prison conditions of dangerous inmates

The ruling tomorrow (19 April) concerns the regime in Polish prisons for detainees who are classified as dangerous.

Video: Gender equality – Where the smart men are!

Ahead of a Tallinn evaluation conference next June, Carolina Lasen Diaz, answers some of the key questions arising from the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017.

Romania: Court makes €17,000 award after gay-bashing and botched investigation human rights complaint

The case concerned a complaint that two Romanians had been attacked on their way home from a gay march and that the ensuing investigation had been inadequate.