Romania: Grand chamber hearing for Guantanamo terrorism suspect’s secret rendition and torture complaint

The case concerns the alleged “rendition” of a man suspected of terrorist acts to CIA secret detention sites, where, according to his submissions, illegal interrogation methods amounting to torture were used.

Turkey: Court awards €65,000 to mum after domestic violence murder of daughter

The case concerned the death of Kılıç’s daughter, Babatlı, who was killed by her husband despite having lodged four complaints and obtained three protection orders and injunctions.

Paris conference examines the plight of migrant children in Europe

One in three of the migrants and asylum seekers crossing between Greece and Turkey is a child. Last year, an estimated 300,000 children arrived in Europe, fleeing war, traumatised by violence and death and seeking refuge.

Turkey: Court set for judgement in domestic violence murder-suicide human rights complaint

The case concerns the death of Halime Kılıç’s daughter, Fatma Babatlı, who was killed by her husband as a result of domestic violence.

Poland: Driver awaits court ruling in police pepper spray human rights row

The case concerns an allegation of excessive use of force by the police.