United Kingdom: Child grooming convict awaits court decision on human rights challenge

A Bolton man, jailed for 19 years for grooming girls for sexual purposes, will find out tomorrow if Strasbourg judges agree that his right to a fair trial was tainted by racial discrimination and anti-Muslim bias.

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland mourns loss of Shimon Peres

“We have lost one of the world’s greatest statesmen,” Jagalnd declared. “Like no other, Shimon Peres strived for peace and reconciliation in the region and internationally.

Assembly resolution highlights migration, labour market reforms and Europe’s ‘demographic winter’

Europe’s ‘demographic winter’ should spur governments towards “forward-looking policies to attract qualified migrants,” according to the Parliamentary Assembly’s Migration Committee.

United Kingdom: Court set for judgement on Omagh bomb human rights complaint

Later this week, Strasbourg judges will make known their ruling on a complaint concerning the 1998 Omagh bombing, the single worst atrocity of the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles.’

Serbia: Nils Muižnieks voices fears over war victims’ reparations

“The issue is of the utmost importance for the on-going process of achieving social cohesion as well as justice and a lasting reconciliation in the region as a whole,” the Commissioner for Human Rights declares in his letter to Aleksandar Vulin, Minister for Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.