Anti-Corruption Unit Publishes Report On Bulgaria

An evaluation report on Bulgaria published today calls on national authorities to “increase consistency and effective implementation of the rules on party financing” and to make “legal improvements in the criminalisation of corruption.”

Governments Called To Action As Extremists Turn To Social Networks

There are many organisations peddling hate by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Admissibility Decision: European Council of Police Trade Unions v. Portugal

A complaint by the European Council of Police Trade Unions against Portugal has been declared admissible and will be decided by the Council of Europe’s European Committee on Social Rights. The complaint organisation alleges that Portugal is in violation of …

Focus on ECRI

The Nazi ‘Final Solution’ was a terrifying ‘highpoint’ of twentieth century prejudice. The later arrival of non-white immigrants in Europe gave another spur to bigotry.

Profile: Naema Tahir – Dutch Human Rights Lawyer And Novelist

Her follow-up Dutch best-seller ‘Prized Possession’ (2006), deals with the reproductive and sexual rights of three Muslim women.
It helped to catapult the former Council of Europe human rights lawyer into the Dutch media spotlight. She has remained there ever since, staking out positions on religion and migration which strike at the heart of the Dutch debate on multi-culturalism.