Report Urges Improved Protection For Balkans War Crimes Witnesses

Due to threats, intimidation and even murder, potential witnesses decide not to testify before national courts of the countries concerned, as they fear for their lives and that of their families.

ECHR Rules On 1549 Cases Against Georgia After Russia Conflict

The Court has decided to strike out of the list of pending cases before it 1,549 applications belonging to a group of more than 3,300 individual applications against Georgia.

Anti-Racism Monitors Meet In Istanbul

The two days of discussions will focus on issues such as freedom of speech and the fight against racism, and on new challenges in combating discrimination.

Strasbourg Forum For Greek And Turkish Cypriots

They discuss issues of common concern in a bid to promote mutual trust between Cyprus’ two main communities

ECHR Judges To Hear Max Mosley Privacy Case

Relying on 8 (right to private life) and Article 13 (right to an effective remedy), Mosley complains that, despite the monetary compensation awarded to him by the courts following a legal victory over the News of the World newspaper, the United Kingdom failed to restore his privacy to him.

According to Mosley, the United Kingdom failed to impose a legal duty on the News of the World to notify him in advance of their intention to publish material concerning him thus giving him the opportunity to ask a court for an interim injunction and prevent the material’s publication.