Human Rights Commissioner Wants Germany To Stop ‘Forced Returns’ To Kosovo

Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg has written to Germany’s Interior Minister urging him to “avoid” further ‘forced returns’ to Kosovo.

Human Rights At The Heart Of Christmas

As the European Convention on Human Rights celebrates its 60th anniversary, the Council of Europe and the City of Strasbourg have placed the spotlight on human rights at this year’s internationally famous Christmas Market.

Data Protection, Citizens’ Rights And The Council Of Europe

The Council of Europe’s response and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

Anti-Corruption Unit Reports On Serbia

“Serbia also needs to be more proactive in detecting, investigating and prosecuting corruption cases. More must be done to secure convictions not only for petty bribery, but also high-level corruption in the public sector. The authorities also need to remain alert to related problems, other than traditional bribery, such as trading in influence and corruption in the private sector.”

Anti-Corruption Committee Finds “Major Shortcomings” In Azerbaijan Legislation

The GRECO report highlights the insufficient transparency provisions in the Law on Political Parties, the lack of supervision over party accounts, the insufficient monitoring of election campaign funding as well as the fragmentary regime of sanctions available in this area.