United Kingdom: Prince William and Catherine Middleton royal wedding ‘preventive detention’ human rights complaint set for judgement

The case concerns the eight applicants’ complaint about their arrest and detention for several hours on 29 April 2011 at various places in central London to prevent a breach of the peace during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding.

Greece: Court makes Chios island human rights ruling

Four Afghan migrants detained on the Greek island of Chios were unable to appeal against decisions ordering their expulsion, human rights judges confirmed today.

Romania: Inadequate investigation into rape complaint leads to €12,000 award

The case concerned the female applicant’s complaint that her accusations of rape had not been properly investigated and that she had been deprived of her procedural rights.

Court: Ukraine should reform its system for reviewing whole-life sentences

Under Article 46 (implementation), the court held that the case Petukhov v. Ukraine (No. 2 – application no. 41216/13), disclosed a systemic problem concerning life imprisonment in Ukraine.

Lithuania: No violation of rights of former Soviet security officer found guilty of genocide

The case concerned the applicant Stanislovas Drėlingas’ conviction for genocide for taking part in a 1956 operation to arrest two partisans who had resisted Soviet rule.