European Bioethics Forum

Some 60 speakers will take part in 14 debates on the end of life, elderly persons’ place in the community and senior citizens’ nutrition and sexuality.

Podcast: Gary Younge Joins ‘Living Together In the 21st Century’ Debate

In his contribution to the general debate, the Guardian newspaper’s United States correspondent Gary Younge gives his views on issues of identity, terrorism, ethnicity, nationality, migration and intercultural dialogue in 21st century Europe.

Thorbjørn Jagland Condems Attacks On Religious Groups

According to the Secretary General, the attacks show how the symbolism of religion is being misused by extreme groups for extreme purposes.

Court Rules Against “Excessive” Obligation On Daily Mirror To Pay “Success Fees” In ‘Naomi Campbell’ Privacy Complaint

The European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been no violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression and information) of the European Convention on Human Rights, as regards Mgn Limited’s complaint related to private life. It also declared there had been A violation of Article 10 of the Convention as regards the “success fees” Mgn Limited had to pay.

Judges Back Italian Prisoner’s Vote Appeal

The applicant, Franco Scoppola, is an Italian national who was born in 1940 and lives in Parma (Italy). He was sentenced in 2002 by the Assize Court to life imprisonment for murder, attempted murder, ill-treatment of members of his family and unauthorised possession of a firearm. Under Italian law, his life sentence entailed a lifetime ban from public office, amounting to permanent forfeiture of his right to vote. The case concerned the forfeiture of the applicant’s right to vote as a result of having been banned from public office following his criminal conviction.