Croatian Investigation Into Two 1991 War Crimes Cases Declared Inadequate By Court

Both cases concerned crimes committed during the Croatian Homeland War: in the first case, the killing of the applicant’s husband by members of the Serbian paramilitary forces (or the Yugoslav People’s Army); and, in the second case, the disappearance of the applicants’ husband and father following his arrest by the Croatian police.

Court Judgement On Swiss Assisted Suicide Row

This case raised the issue of whether, by virtue of the right to respect for private life, the State should have ensured that a sick man wishing to commit suicide could obtain a lethal substance (sodium pentobarbital) without a prescription, by way of derogation from the law, so as to be able to end his life without pain and with no risk of failure.

Man Awarded €55,000 After Abduction And Torture By State Agents In Chechnya

The case concerned the abduction, unacknowledged detention and torture of Akhmed Gisayev in the autumn of 2003 and the lack of effective investigation into that.

Protection Of National Minorities: Report On The Slovak Republic

Further action is needed to prevent ethnic discrimination, in particular in relation to Roma, in the Slovak Republic and greater effort must be made to eliminate segregation of Roma in education.

Video: Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland On BBC Hardtalk

Thorbjørn Jagland explains to the BBC programme the decision of the Nobel Committee, of which he is chairman, to award the 2010 peace prize to the imprisoned Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo.