Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Ireland

The CPT reviewed the treatment of people detained by the Irish police, the Garda Síochána. It also examined the treatment of inmates and conditions of detention in a number of prisons, as well as visiting three psychiatric hospitals, and a centre for the mentally disabled.

Podcast: The “cyber-fraud” of cloaked websites

“The threat is very real in terms of undermining values of racial equality and social justice,” says Jessie Daniels. “It’s a kind of cyber crime which is not that different from fraud.”

Turkish lawyer awarded €19,000 after Strasbourg human rights victory

The European Court of Human Rights declared today that Turkey had breached its commitments to prohibit inhuman or degrading treatment and the lack of effective investigation.

Anti-racism commission publishes country reports

The European Commission Against Racism And Intolerance published today reports on Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monaco, Spain and Turkey

Judges back new mum in human rights deportation dispute with Italy

The case mainly concerned the lawfulness of the detention of a woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina pending her deportation from Italy. Her deportation and prior detention were ordered a few weeks after she had given birth to a child (who subsequently died at the hospital), despite the fact that Italian law prohibited the deportation of a woman within six months of giving birth.