Video: Roma news diary

Michael Guet gives this month’s update of the measures taken by the team of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma Issues to fight anti-gipsyism in Europe and to improve the integration of Roma people.

Rule 39 ECHR immigration appeals rise by 4,000 per cent

Now the Court’s President Jean-Paul Costa has appealed for improved cooperation between governments, applicants and their lawyers to help the court cope with the caseload.

Christos Pourgourides: United Kingdom must honour international obligations

He said: “Every member state must implement the judgments of the Court. There are different ways this can be done, as shown by the range of positions on this issue in Council of Europe member states.”

European cinema attendance in 2010

Research from the European Audiovisual Observatory reveals France and Italy have smashed cinema attendance records in 2010 but decline is recorded elsewhere in Europe.

The man who knew too much

Judges today declared Russia breached the human rights of a retired military officer by banning him from international travel to protect state secrets.