Divorce In The Netherlands

“After a divorce, most men are better off financially than when they were married,” author Marijke ter Voert declares in her examination of divorce in the Netherlands.

Swiss ‘Extraterrestrials Movement’ Poster Ban Did Not Limit Freedom Of Expression

The Raelian Movement is an organisation based in Geneva and founded in 1976 with the stated aim of making initial contact and developing good relations with extraterrestrials. Permission to put up posters was denied on the ground that the Raelian Movement had engaged in activities that were immoral and contrary to public order.

Christos Pourgourides:Turkey Must “Lead By Example” On ECHR Compliance

New “urgent and decisive” legislative action by Turkish authorities is needed to comply with the European Court of Human Rights judgements, the Parliamentary Assembly has warned.

Mevlüt Çavusoglu Regrets Tunisia Protest Violence And Deaths

He stressed that freedom of expression and assembly were key elements of any democracy and called on the authorities to “manage the crisis in a responsible manner and in full conformity with Council of Europe standards.

Belarus Urged To Release Election Detainees

The Committee of Ministers asks the Belarus authorities to provide additional information on what basis the presidential candidates, journalists and human rights activists were arrested in the wake of the elections. They should be immediately released and their human rights guaranteed. Political freedoms should be fully respected.