Judges back Portuguese courts in ‘Camarate case’

The case concerned the criminal proceedings following the plane crash of 4 December 1980 in the Lisbon suburb of Camarate in which the Prime Minister Sá Carneiro and the Minister of Defence Amaro da Costa, lost their lives. It is known in Portugal as the ‘Camarate case.’

Twenty-one years of the anti-doping convention

When the 100m sprinter Ben Johnson was exposed as a cheat at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, he opened the way to the future success of the Council of Europe’s anti-doping convention.

Killers complain against ‘whole life’ prison terms

The application has been brought by Douglas Gary Vintner, Jeremy Neville Bamber and Peter Howard Moore. They claim that these whole life orders, as they apply to their cases, are incompatible inter alia with Articles 3 and 5(4) of the convention.

View from the Court

This week, European Court of Human Rights judges will rule on cases of alleged human rights breaches from Romania and Russia.

Terrorism and water shortage

The Parliamentary Assembly committee noted the close links between water and security which have made water “a military and political tool and a new weapon for terrorists.”