New guidelines on child friendly justice

Key themes include the role of families and authority in decision-making, the need for respect and the importance minors attached to being heard and understood.

Committee to discuss health risks of electromagnetic fields

Concerns have been expressed that exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields at power frequencies (50/60 Hz) could lead to an increased incidence of cancer in children and other adverse health effects.

Court date for Austria’s ban on medically assisted ‘baby-making’ techniques

The applicants complained that the prohibition of sperm and ova donation for in vitro fertilisation violated their right to respect to family life under Article 8, and that the difference in treatment compared to couples who wished to use medically-assisted procreation techniques, but did not need to use ova or sperm donation for in vitro fertilisation, amounted to a discriminatory treatment, in violation of Article 14.

Sá Carneiro relatives await human rights ruling

The case concerns criminal proceedings following the death on 4 December 1980 of the Prime Minister, Mr Sá Carneiro, and the Defence Minister, Mr Amaro da Costa, who were killed when their light aircraft crashed in Camarate, in the suburbs of Lisbon.

Podcast: Media standards in Ukraine

Olga Sedova gives the background to a joint Council of Europe – European Union project, active since 2008 and outlines the specific expertise the organisation offers.