Italy in breach of human rights laws over terrorist’s deportation

The case concerned the deportation to Tunisia in 2009 of Ali Ben Sassi Toumi, convicted of terrorist offences, despite an indication from the European Court of Human Rights to the effect that execution of the measure should be stayed so as not to deprive the application pending before the Court of any useful effect.

Roma forum seeks EU assurances

The European Roma and Travellers Forum wants EU post-accession monitoring to be strengthened to encourage governments to fulfill their obligation to protect Roma communities more effectively.

Anti-corruption committee reports on Cyprus

Corruption-busters want Cyprus to establish a uniform legal framework for the criminalisation of corruption offences and make more transparent the private sector financing of political parties.

Ruling expected on Russia Republican party complaint

European Court of Human Rights judges will decide next week whether Russia breached the human rights of members of the Republican Party of Russia.

Portugal and journalist await human rights ruling

Judges will decide next week whether a journalist, convicted of defamation for criticising a local politician after a collapsed bridge claimed 59 lives, had his right to free expression breached by Portuguese authorities.