New court rule

Rule 61 is being introduced because the court wants to codify existing ‘pilot-judgment procedure.’ This applied to cases where there is a systemic or structural dysfunction in the country concerned which has given or could give rise to similar applications before the Court.

Health threat to European schoolchildren

One quarter of European schoolchildren are overweight or obese, with youngster’s health worse in the south of the region, according to a new Parliamentary Assembly report.

Grand Chamber hearing for UN ‘blacklist’ dispute

Judges will listen to arguments this morning concerning measures taken, according to UN Resolutions, against a man accused of ties with al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Venice Commission announces Tunisia election training deal

The agreement follows a three-day visit to Tunisia by a delegation from the commission between 16 and 18 March.

Judges hear arguments in Roma sterilisation complaint

This morning European Court of Human Rights judges heard arguments in the case of V.C. v. Slovakia (Application no. 18968/07), which concerns the sterilisation of a Roma woman, allegedly without her full and informed consent. The hearing will be broadcast from 14h30 (CET) on the Court’s Internet site.