Portugal and journalist await human rights ruling

Judges will decide next week whether a journalist, convicted of defamation for criticising a local politician after a collapsed bridge claimed 59 lives, had his right to free expression breached by Portuguese authorities.

Anti-money laundering report: Europe must do better

The reports urges the creation and deepening of a culture which pursues criminal proceeds and stresses that more significant results by law enforcement are needed to better support and complement the effort and resources of the private sector,

Podcast: Live from the European Roma and Travellers Forum

Highlights include an impact analysis of the opening speeches made by ERTF President Rudko Kawczynski and the Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland and advice on increasing the involvement of Roma women from Isabela Mihalache, the Deputy Director of the European Roma Rights Centre.

Hammarberg: Prisoners should have the right to vote

The Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, says “Measures should be taken to ensure that imprisonment does not undermine rights which are unconnected to the intention of the punishment.”

Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Turkey

A report on Turkey by anti-torture monitors reveals that the country’s “downward trend in both the incidence and the severity of ill-treatment by law enforcement officials” is continuing.