Anti-torture committee publishes report on Moldova

The delegation was not allowed to speak to remand prisoners in private – a restriction which contradicts one of the fundamental characteristics of the preventive mechanism embodied by the CPT.

Report boosts Denmark’s German speakers

The Danish authorities should take a more active and structured approach in promoting German as a minority language and maintain stronger contacts with the German minority with a view to improving the presence of the German language in public life.

Thorbjørn Jagland outlines Tunis offer

Following his visit to Tunisia on 21 February, the Secretary General has offered the Council of Europe’s practical cooperation.

Assembly’s Morocco fact-finding visit

A Parliamentary Assembly delegation is in Rabat, Morocco, to assess the country’s application to become a ‘partner for democracy.’

Belarus: Death is not justice

Renate Wohlwend, the Parliamentary Assembly’s rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty, expressed her dismay at the refusal by President Lukashenka to grant clemency to Aleh Gryshkautsou, 29 and 28 year old Andrei Burdyka.