Judges consider arguments in Turkish pension rights row

The applicants, Nejdet Şahin and Perihan Şahin, are two Turkish nationals whose army pilot son died in May 2001 when his plane transporting troops from Diyarbakır to Ankara crashed.

Hammarberg hits out at “deep rooted injustice” of gender-based wage inequality

This example of unfairness, cited by Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg in his International Women’s Day declaration, is compounded, he says, by the continued existence of the “glass ceiling.”

Judges back government in “offensive banner” PSG supporters’ group dispute

In its decision in the case of Association Nouvelle Des Boulogne Boys v. France (application no. 6468/09) the European Court of Human Rights has by a majority declared the application inadmissible.

Damages ruling expected in Italian HIV blood transfusion human rights breach

Judges will inform relatives and a survivor of its damages ruling later this week, following confirmation of Italy’s HIV blood transfusion human rights breach.

Women’s Day 2011: A decade to end inequality

Highlighting three key areas of concern, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland stressed the need for equal pay for work of equal value, the increased political participation of women and the end to all violence against women.