Whitmore warns against ‘anti-Roma’ declaration

Congress President Keith Whitmore has warned against a declaration by some 60 Czech Republic mayors against the “socially inadaptable,” widely considered to be an attack on the country’s Roma community.

Video: Venice Comission – Strengthening democracy

In this video interview, Tatiana Mychelova discusses the Venice Commission’s work and looks to its future development helping countries transitioning to democracy.

Mother awarded €31,200 after Russia human rights complaint

The case concerned the applicant’s claim that her son’s death, despite the official version of a pre-existing heart condition, had been caused by his being subjected to ill-treatment in detention.

Czech Republic: “Inclusion of Roma should be a political priority”

Deeply-rooted anti-Gypsyism and hate crimes as well as continued segregation in education and housing are the main obstacles to inclusion that Roma face in the Czech Republic.

Anti-torture committee publishes report on Moldova

The delegation was not allowed to speak to remand prisoners in private – a restriction which contradicts one of the fundamental characteristics of the preventive mechanism embodied by the CPT.