Czech Republic: Minorities rights experts highlight “limited progress” in tackling school segregation of Roma children

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland said: “Ensuring Roma children have adequate access to education is essential to combat discrimination of Roma people in all areas of society. The Czech Republic has made some progress, but it needs to do more.”

Hungary: Gay Iranian refugee hopes for human rights court victory

The case concerns the applicant O.M’s detention for 58 days following his request for asylum in Hungary.

Italy: Court makes €38,000 award in gay discrimination human rights complaint

The applicants, Roberto Taddeucci and Douglas McCall, are Italian and New Zealand nationals, born in 1965 and 1958. They are a homosexual couple and live in Amsterdam. They complained that Italy’s discrimination was based on their sexual orientation.

Podcast: The true cost of gender inequality in the workplace

In an era of substantial human rights progress, it is easy to forget just how durable are the disadvantages faced by many women in Europe.

Romania: Grand chamber hearing for Guantanamo terrorism suspect’s secret rendition and torture complaint

The case concerns the alleged “rendition” of a man suspected of terrorist acts to CIA secret detention sites, where, according to his submissions, illegal interrogation methods amounting to torture were used.