European Roma Rights Centre scoops Raoul Wallenberg Prize

The European Roma Rights Centre today receives Raoul Wallenberg Prize for combating racism and human rights abuse.

Spain: Pensioner is victor in noisy clubs and bars human rights row

A pensioner has today won his human rights case against Spanish authorities, complaining successfully that the pubs, clubs and discos in Valencia were too noisy.

France: Court set for judgement in PACS couple’s lesbian parent paternity leave complaint

The case concerns the fact that it was impossible for a lesbian woman (Ms Lucas) to obtain paternity leave following the birth of her partner’s child. Ms Hallier and Ms Lucas have lived together as a couple for many years and have entered into a civil partnership (PACS).

Romania: Embryo seizure family rights battle set for Strasbourg court judgement

The case concerns the couple’s complaint that they have not been able to recover embryos that were seized by the prosecuting authorities in 2009 and that they have been prevented from having another child.

Report: ‘Intercultural cities’ have higher well-being and citizen satisfaction

Cities with stronger intercultural policies, based on the Council of Europe model, are more likely to have populations who believe that foreigners are good for their city and local services are trustworthy and efficient.