Poland: Father awarded €23,000 in Hague Convention child access human rights dispute

The case concerned the father’s complaint that the Polish courts had refused to order the return of his child to Canada.

Podcast: “There is no refugee crisis,” says Strasbourg deputy mayor Nawel Rafik-Elmrini

“Hosting and integrating refugees with dignity is very important for us,” says Nawel Rafik-Elmrini. “If we don’t do it, it means that we as Europeans lose our own dignity.

Poland: Nils Muižnieks concerned by new constitutional tribunal bill

“I am very concerned at the adoption by the Polish Sejm of a bill on the Constitutional Tribunal yesterday because it poses a serious threat to the rule of law” said the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Germany: Thorbjørn Jagland welcomes ‘No means No’ legislation on violence against women

“I welcome today’s vote in the German parliament to pass the so-called No means No law, which brings Germany in line with our convention to end violence against women,” the Secretary General said.

Fourteen countries sign-up to new sports safety and security treaty

Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and Ukraine have signed the Council of Europe Convention on an Integrated Safety, Security and Service Approach at Football Matches and Other Sports Events.