Russia: Human rights court makes ruling on allegations of St Petersburg election irregularities

The case concerned allegations of serious irregularities in counting of votes in St Petersburg for the city and federal elections of December 2011, as well as a lack of effective review of those allegations.

Court rules against Spain over police seizure of child porn computer files

The case concerned the seizure of applicant Carlos Trabajo Rueda’s computer on the grounds that it contained child pornography material.

Norway: New report highlights discrimination against national minorities

A new Opinion from the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities urges Norway to take effective measures to rebuild trust and raise awareness in particular of the Tater/Romani and the Roma national minorities in the country.

Court: Turkey wrong to seize prisoner’s draft novel

Judges awarded €1,500 to applicant Resul Sarıgül after ruling that the decision by Turkish prison authorities to seize his handwritten novel had no legal basis and breached his right to freedom of expression.

Court: “Lack of commitment” in Romania to tackle domestic violence

The issue is highlighted in the court’s ruling in the case Bălșan v. Romania (application no. 49645/09).