European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) webinar on migration law

This evening, Council of Europe experts and representatives of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA), will discuss migration law, in a special one hour webinar.

Netherlands: Nils Muižnieks worried by counter terrorism plans

In a letter published today, addressed to Ronald Plasterk, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands, and Ard Van Der Steur, Minister of Security and Justice of the Netherlands, the Commissioner for Human Rights outlines his concerns about three parliamentary bills on counter-terrorism measures.

Russia: Judgement looms in deadly Moscow shooting spree human rights complaint

The case concerns a 2009 shooting spree in which the applicants Ilya Gerasimenko, Luiza Salikhova, and Yelena Dudal, were injured and the Russian government’s alleged responsibility for the incident.

Ireland: Nils Muižnieks expresses fears over Travellers and women’s human rights

“I am deeply concerned at the persisting social exclusion and discrimination Travellers are confronted with in Ireland.,” the Commissioner for Human Rights said today. Referring to women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, the commissioner noted that Ireland possesses one of the most restrictive legal frameworks on abortion in Europe.

Azerbaijan: Police assault on ‘Demokrat’ newspaper editor breached European human rights laws

Mustafa Hajili was editor-in-chief of the Demokrat newspaper. The case concerned his allegations that, after attempting to attend a protest in Baku’s Fountains Square, he had been arrested by police and assaulted by officers whilst in custody.