Podcast: Valeriu Nicolae – Why I must speak out against violence against women within Roma communiites

Speaking on 12 December, at the start of a two-day conference to discuss violence against women and chimldren, early, child or forced marriage and human trafficking, as they affect Roma people, Nicolae said these concerns “needed to be addressed” but admitted that they might have been avoided out of “a lack of expertise” or “cowardice.”

Russia: Court set for ruling in former chess champion Garri Kasparov’s human rights complaint

The case concerns the arrest at a demonstration and ensuing detention of Kasparov, the former world chess champion and political activist, as well as six other activists.

Thorbjørn Jagland: Hate speech is not free speech

“Join the Action Day for Human Rights Online on 10 December. Say NO to hate speech,” the Secretary General said.

Venice Commission: Turkey’s authorities “went too far” after failed July coup

The report, from the Council of Europe’s consitutional experts, acknowledges that Turkey did have “good reasons” to declare a state of emergency but confirms that the measures taken by the government went beyond what is permitted by the Turkish Constitution and by international law.

Video: International Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption makes everything worse! That is the key talking point today, on International Anti-Corruption Day.