Azerbaijan: Human rights judges declare “multiple violations” of convention after “unacknowledged detention and ill-treatment” of academic

The case Mammadov and Others v. Azerbaijan (application no. 35432/07) concerned Mammadov’s – a Talysh language specialist and editor-in-chief of an Azerbaijani-Talysh newspaper – complaint that he had been arrested in 2007, held in unacknowledged detention for 24 hours and then sentenced to 15 days’ administrative detention which he spent in a location unknown either to his family or lawyer.

Italy: Court support for crime risk Morocco deportation

The case concerned the Italian authorities’ refusal to renew the residence permit of Moroccan national Mohamed Narjis, who had lived in Italy for 20 years, on the grounds that he posed a danger to society, and his expulsion to Morocco.

Turkey: Disabled bomber awaits court decision on prison conditions

The case concerns Civan Boltan’s conditions of detention in the light of his disability, as well as the lack of prospects for his eventual release, given that he was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment.

Greece: Family awarded €71,000 after addict’s prison death

According to the European court, Greek authorities failed to conduct an effective investigation into the circumstances of a drug addict’s death in prison

Bulgaria: Ex-Labour and Employment Policy Minister facing embezzlement charges suffered human rights breach

The case concerned a complaint lodged by Emilia Maslarova, who was minister from 2005 to 2009, about a failure to respect her right to be presumed innocent.