France: Judges make €30,000 award to financial analyst after double prosecution, double conviction rights breach

The case concerned the right not to be tried or punished twice (ne bis in idem). The applicant, Antoine Nodet, a financial analyst, was fined by the financial markets regulator, the AMF, for manipulation of a share price, and subsequently by criminal courts for the offence of obstructing the proper operation of the stock market by the same action.

Turkey: Wronged teacher wins human rights court backing

The case concerned the refusal by the Ministry of Education to appoint Abdullah Yılmaz to a teaching post abroad even though he had passed a competitive examination.

Court: Lithuanian law prohibiting professional medical assistance for home births did not breach mothers’ rights

The case concerned Lithuania’s law on medical assistance for home births. The applicants, four women, had unsuccessfully requested that the Ministry of Health amend the legislation that prohibited medical professionals from assisting in home births.

Turkey: Court gives notice of 546 applications following July 2016 attempted coup d’état

The applications concern, in particular, the provisional detention of members of the legal service following the attempted coup d’état of 15 July 2016.

Belgium: Prison strike led to inmate’s human rights violations

The case concerned the deterioration in John Clasen’s conditions of detention in Ittre Prison during a strike by prison wardens between April and June 2016.