Court backs Ireland in ‘Brussels v. mussels’ human rights row

The case concerned the company’s complaint that the Irish Government had caused it financial losses by the way it had complied with European Union environmental legislation.

Iceland: Court rejects complaint against right to strike restrictions

The case concerned restrictions on the right to strike and the introduction of compulsory arbitration.

Azerbaijan: Arrest and detention of activists breached human rights law

Human rights judges ruled that the arrest and detention of rights activists on Molotov cocktail charges was in violation of the activists’ rights

France: Human rights judges make €69,000 award to parents of youth shot by police

The case concerned the necessity and proportionality of the use of force by the law-enforcement agencies in the context of the death of the applicants’ son, who was shot and killed by a gendarme while travelling in the rear of a fleeing vehicle.

Cyprus: Court makes €28,000 award after police brutality human rights complaint

Human rights judges have today awarded €28,000 to a Canadian, who was attacked by Cypriot police in Limassol.