Turkey: Court awards €4,000 to parents after daughter’s fatal tonsil surgery

The case concerned allegations of medical negligence in relation to the death of Günay’s daughter after the tonsilectomy.

France: Work-place surveillance complaint reaches human rights judgement

The applicant, Eric Libert (Libert v. France – no. 588/13) lost his job as Deputy Head of the Amiens Regional Surveillance Unit, with the French national railway company (SNCF), after his employer opened files stored on the hard drive of his work computer.

Turkey: Human rights judges reject father’s complaint alleging son’s circumcision was botched

The case concerned the applicant’s claim that his son had sustained physical harm as a result of an allegedly botched circumcision.

France: Court makes €6.5 million damages ruling

Human rights judges have ruled that a youth, wrongly suspected of throwing stones at trains, who alleged he was a victim of ill-treatment whilst under arrest, should receive €6.5 million in damages.

Russia: Chechen woman’s terror conviction human rights complaint reaches European court’s Grand Chamber

A European court Grand Chamber hearing is now underway into a case brought against Russia by a Chechen woman convicted on terrorism charges.