Russia: Judges award €7,000 after ‘police entrapment’ human rights breach

Human rights judges have awarded more than €7,000 to two Russians who claimed they were victims of police entrapment.

Court: Ten days’ detention for a political protest against Ukraine’s ex-President Yanukovych was excessive

Human rights judges today ruled that the Ukrainian authorities breached human rights law by detaining for 10 days a political opponent of former President Yanukovych.

Poland: Film director hopes for human rights backing after Communist-era police spy taunt

Film-director Grzegorz Michal Braun, fined after accusing a professor of being a Communist-era police spy, will discover next week if judges agree that his human rights were breached.

Witness (3) on youth: World Forum for Democracy – the youth antidote to ‘democricide?’

In this video, Irena Guidikova looks ahead to next week’s World Forum for Democracy and discusses how young people can help to revitalise the democratic process.

Witness (2) : Podcast – The “university industry,” the “volunteer lie” and the anger of Europe’s youth

In this podcast, university lecturer Daniel Briggs discusses the discontent and pacification of young people across Europe, in this second installment of this week’s ‘Witness’ series on youth.