Jagland urges Russia to “unfreeze” its Council of Europe financial payment

Secretary General Jagland is concerned by the financial difficulties caused to the organisation by the non-payment of Russia’s contribution within the legally agreed timeframe.

Moldova : Court backs former Gagauz president in pension plan human rights row

The case concerned judicial proceedings relating to the pension entitlement of Stepan Topal, President of the Gagauz Republic (a region located in the south of the Republic of Moldova) between 1991 and 1995.

Court: Russia’s imprisonment of prisoners far from families continues despite 2017 human rights ruling

The judges concern follows their ruling in a case brought by a prisoner Timur Voynov, that he had been sent to serve his sentence in a prison 4,200 kilometres from his home town. He has not seen his partner since 2014 and has never seen his four-year-old daughter.

Dunja Mijatović: Safeguarding human rights in the era of artificial intelligence

The ethical and legal implications of artificial intelligence often go unnoticed by the public at large.”

Russia: Court ruling looms in Soviet-era premium bonds human rights dispute

The case concerns a complaint that the authorities have not redeemed premium bonds issued by the former Soviet Union in 1982, even though Russia has taken on the obligation and has drawn up framework legislation to honour the debt.