United Kingdom: Court throws out former defence minister’s ‘cash for influence’ complaint

Human rights judges have rejected a complaint from former United Kingdom defence minister Geoff Hoon, challenging the publication of a ‘cash for influence’ parliamentary inquiry.

Viewpoint: Karina Chupina – People with disabilities should be respected and welcome in their right to participate

“One in seven of us has some form of a disability and we all count people with disabilities among our relatives, colleagues and friends,” writes activist Karina Chupina, in a powerful essay on the steps Europe must take to make real the human right of inclusion and participation.

United Kingdom: Lifer protests ‘unfair cop’

The case concerns the presence of retired and serving police officers on the jury at a trial for murder.

Viewpoint: Yannis Vardakastanis – Why Europe needs a human rights approach to persons with disabilities

“A cross-cutting approach and mainstreaming of disability issues in all policies should be adopted in the Council of Europe’s Disability Action Plan 2016-2020,” writes Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum (EDF).

Russia: Congress President condemns alliance treaty with Abkhazia

Jean-Claude Frécon said: “Abkhazia is a region of the Republic of Georgia, and we cannot recognise the validity of a so-called treaty adopted in violation of the territorial integrity of a member state of the Council of Europe.”