Lithuania: Minorities rights experts sound alarm over Roma integration and rise in hate crime

Legislative gaps in Lithuania’s system of protection for national minorities are undermining the country’s strategy for inclusion, according to European advisers.

Something for the weekend (41)

Nils Muižnieks cries foul in Crimea; a Polish appeal against the European Court’s €230,000 secret rendition judgement, the third annual World Forum for Democracy and the rights and wrongs of social nudity – Something for the weekend.

Podcast: Eastern Europe human rights news review with Tatiana Baeva

The Council of Europe media officer discusses the response to election results in Ukraine, the Commissioner for Human Rights’ report on Crimea and the Youth Forum in Azerbaijan.

Russia: Judges award €7,000 after ‘police entrapment’ human rights breach

Human rights judges have awarded more than €7,000 to two Russians who claimed they were victims of police entrapment.

Court: Ten days’ detention for a political protest against Ukraine’s ex-President Yanukovych was excessive

Human rights judges today ruled that the Ukrainian authorities breached human rights law by detaining for 10 days a political opponent of former President Yanukovych.