Something for the weekend (43)

In this week’s ‘the rubber hits the road edition’ – Strasbourg gets ready for the visit of Pope Francis, Europe’s police get ready for more effective community outreach with an anti-hate crime conference, Secretary General Jagland gets ready for Moscow and Ukraine’s 450,000 plus displaced people get ready for winter!

Netherlands: Court awards €26,000 to father over Iraqi invasion fatal shooting

The case concerned the investigation by the Netherlands authorities into the circumstances surrounding the death of an Iraqi civilian who died of gunshot wounds in Iraq in April 2004 in an incident involving Netherlands Royal Army personnel.

Video: Larry Olomofe – A true story of hate crime

Larry Olomofe, a keynote speaker at a training of police trainers conference, discusses the institutional response to hate crime.

Azerbaijan: Assembly committee condemns Ramil Safarov release treaty ‘abuse’

The Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly has opposed Azerbaijan’s use of a prisoner transfer treaty as the basis for the immediate release of a soldier, Ramil Safarov, convicted of murdering an Armenian fellow participant on a NATO training course in Hungary.

Podcast: Policing hate crimes in the United Kingdom

In this podcast, Paul Giannasi outlines how the murders of Stephen Lawrence, Sophie Lancaster and Jody Dobrowski contributed to the United Kingdom government’s approach to tackling hate crimes.