Netherlands: Social rights experts back Conference of European Churches over treatment of irregular migrants

Social rights experts say a large majority of irregular adult migrants in the Netherlands are not offered emergency social assistance, including food, water and clothing.

World Forum For Democracy debate: ‘Generation Internet,’ privacy and online security

In this video, two teenagers discuss their approach to sharing private data via social media, the impact of organised digital literacy programmes and the extent to which they have embraced the digital era, as part of the World Forum for Democracy ‘un-conference’ entitled : ‘Young citizens – Unlocking the freedom versus security debate.’

Something for the weekend (42)

In this edition of ‘Something for the weekend’ – Jeremy ’2brains’ Rifkin wows the World Forum for Democracy, concern over Belarus’ third execution this year, encouragement for Kosovo youth, a bit of Belgian tub thumping, the Parliamentary Assembly’s visit to the Calais migrant centre and the newspaper row with Azerbaijan.

France: Inmate’s complaint against jail term returns ‘whole life tariff’ to human rights spotlight

Pierre Bodein alleges that the imposition of that sentence was in breach of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), in so far as he claims that no provision was made for him to obtain even a slight remission, or to leave prison, except on the basis of a presidential decree granting him pardon.

Slovakia: New warnings on corruption threat to parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

A new report warns Slovak Republic authorities that corruption imposes “substantial risks and vulnerabilities” on the country’s parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.