Anti-torture unit publishes new report on Turkey

The treatment of demonstrators detained during the 2013 ‘Gezi protests’ is examined in the report.

Germany: Court to rule on Nazi-era ‘aryanisation’ free-expression complaint

The case concerns their complaint about being ordered to refrain from publishing statements alleging that the publisher Neven DuMont family had unduly benefited from “aryanisation” of Jewish property during the Nazi era.

Russia: Joseph Stalin’s grandson awaits court ruling on “slanderous” attacks on former Communist leader

Joseph Stalin’s grandson protests that Russian media attacks on the former Soviet leader breach human rights law.

Lithuania: Court makes €12,000 ruling after ‘father’s rights’ complaint

London-based applicant Eugeniu Manic, complained about contact rights with his seven-year old son.

Podcast: Tatiana Baeva reveals key findings of Ukraine anti-torture reports

Tatiana Baevea outlines the key information contained in a series of reports published today by the Council of Europe’s anti-torture unit, following its recent visits to Ukraine.