Hungary and Iceland set for free expression court rulings

Next week, judges will reveal their decisions on free expression complaints from media professionals against the authorities in Hungary and Iceland.

Poland: Court backs newspaper journalists in anti-corruption free expression complaint

Two Polish journalists who accused a Ministry of Health official of corruption have won the backing of Strasbourg judges in their human rights complaint against national authorities.

Nils Muižnieks: Migrants’ and children’s rights need better protection in the Netherlands

Changes to the treatment of migrants and increasing the minimum age of criminal responsibility are among the recommendations to the Dutch government made in new report from the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Lisbon to host international conference on urban violence

The 23-24 October event will bring together academic experts, representatives of law-enforcement, judges, prosecutors and telecommunication and Internet service providers.

Georgia: Authorities ineffective in preventing and stopping anti-Jehovah’s Witnesses violence

Human rights judges today declared that severe harassment of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Georgia was tolerated by the authorities in 2000-2001.