Greece: Judges to rule on ‘rights for fathers’ complaint

The case concerns the rejection, as inadmissible, by the civil courts of an action to challenge paternity.

Spain: Judges to rule on ETA suspects’ police brutality human rights complaints

Two Spanish terrorism suspects who allege they were abused and assaulted upon arrest, will find out tomorrow if human rights judges accept their complaints.

Georgia: Judgement day looms for Jehovah’s Witnesses human rights complaint

A complaint against Georgia, alleging the violent harassment of Jehovah’s Witnesses by Georgian Orthodox Church believers, will be the subject of a European Court of Human Rights ruling tomorrow.

Netherlands: Judges back mum of three in human rights residency row

Refusing a residence permit to the Surinamese mother of three children born in the Netherlands breached their right to respect for their family life.

Ukraine: Judges back airline cabin crew in strike ban human rights protest

The case concerned the ban on a strike by AeroSvit Airlines cabin crew.