Nils Muižnieks: Migrants in limbo in Europe have the right to live in dignity

“In some countries, they call them ‘invisible persons,’ in others – ‘ghosts,’ writes the Commissioner for Human Rights, in a detailed examination of concerns about the treatment of migrants in Europe.

Armenia: Drugs in cake prison scam led to human rights violations

Human rights judges have sided with a prisoner who complained that Armenia’s authorities were wrong to prevent him questioning prosecution witnesses against him.

Belgium: Court set for decision on allegations of human rights violations following Roma family’s deportation

The case concerns the reception conditions of a family of Serbian nationals seeking asylum in Belgium. Following an order to leave the country and despite their appeals against the measure, the applicants were left without basic means of subsistence and were obliged to return to their country of origin, where their severely disabled child died.

France: Court rejects suspected gangster’s human rights complaint

The case concerned Kiril Zlatkov Nikolov, a Bulgarian national, who was suspected of having committed an offence related to organised crime, who had to wait almost four days before being brought before an investigating judge, and the failure to record his interrogations.

Turkey: Thorbjørn Jagland to meet President Erdoğan today

The Secretary General wishes to continue the dialogue with Turkish leaders on the current situation in the state of emergency following the failed coup d’état.