Lisbon to host international conference on urban violence

The 23-24 October event will bring together academic experts, representatives of law-enforcement, judges, prosecutors and telecommunication and Internet service providers.

Georgia: Authorities ineffective in preventing and stopping anti-Jehovah’s Witnesses violence

Human rights judges today declared that severe harassment of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Georgia was tolerated by the authorities in 2000-2001.

Russia: Mum awaits judgement on medical student labour pains

The case concerns Konovalova’s complaint that medical students were allowed to observe her giving birth, without her explicit consent.

Greece: Judges to rule on ‘rights for fathers’ complaint

The case concerns the rejection, as inadmissible, by the civil courts of an action to challenge paternity.

Spain: Judges to rule on ETA suspects’ police brutality human rights complaints

Two Spanish terrorism suspects who allege they were abused and assaulted upon arrest, will find out tomorrow if human rights judges accept their complaints.