Azerbaijan: Brasseur concerned by “systemic deficiencies in the operation of justice”

During her three-day visit to the country, Parliamentary Assembly President Anne Brasseur also encouragd the government to make “more progress on freedom of expression and freedom of association, as well as the independence of the judiciary.”

Court: New technologies factsheet

Key decisions and judgements arising from European Court of Human Rights ‘new technology’ complaints.

Podcast: Europe, the “demonisation” of minorities and the rise of intolerance

There is more tolerance for the view that “diversity is a problem in itself, that identity means segregation and separation and that it is not possible to achieve democratic prosperity if we give acknowledgement and affirmation to minority concerns,” says minorities expert Athanasia Spiliopoulou Åkermark.

Russia: Strasbourg hearing for journalist’s complaint against state snooping

A hearing into a complaint from a journalist about the lack of sufficient safeguards under Russian law against the monitoring of telephone communications by law-enforcement agencies is now underway at the European Court of Human Rights.

Italy: New report on impact of human trafficking

A new anti-human trafficking report wants Italy’s authorities to do more to discourage demand for the services of the victims of modern slavery.