Jagland: Europe needs common legal framework to fight challenge of ‘foreign fighters’ and ‘Islamic State’ terrorism

The Secretary General has backed measures which he believes could help to curb the flow of “foreign terrorist fighters” while not infringing on human rights.

Podcast: Photographer Lieve Blancquaert’s exhibition kicks-off Belgium’s Committee of Ministers chairmanship

In this podcast, acclaimed photographer and Belgian television star Lieve Blancquaert, discusses her work recording births across the world.

Greece: Degrading and inhuman jail conditions lead to €20,000 award

Degrading and inhuman conditions in a Greek jail have led human rights judges to make an award of more than 20,000 to an Italian prisoner.

France: Court rejects life sentence prisoner’s human rights challenge

The European Court of Human Rights concluded that applicant Pierre Bodein had been afforded sufficient guarantees for him to understand his conviction.

Netherlands: Social rights experts back Conference of European Churches over treatment of irregular migrants

Social rights experts say a large majority of irregular adult migrants in the Netherlands are not offered emergency social assistance, including food, water and clothing.