Video: Go beyond disability

Go beyond disability with Mariana, Karina, Agnes and Gatis, contributors to a Council of Europe-European Network for Independent Living study session at the European Youth Centre earlier this month.

Court: Bosnia and Herzegovina must establish a political system for elections without discrimination

Human rights judges have today urged the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish a non-discriminatory electoral system.

Something for the weekend (38)

Grumbling over court’s French veil ban decision; European anti-racism monitors sound the alarm, anti-match fixing treaty timed to World Cup final perfection; Facebook in the classroom, Gerhard Schröder, Russia and Bild and a Finnish transsexual’s human rights plea …. Something for the weekend #SFTW.

Anti-racism monitors urge fightback against hatespeech, xenophobia and fascist nostalgia

The annual report of the Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) published today, wants “timely action” against extremist organisations that promote racism, to avoid an escalation of violence and related criminal activities.

Podcast: New treaty against match-fixing in competitive sport

In this podcast, Stanislas Frossard examines the key points of a new Council of Europe treaty designed to tackle match-fixing in sport.