Greece: Grand Chamber to rule on Sharia law application to inheritance dispute

The case concerns the application by the Greek courts of Islamic religious (Sharia) law to a dispute concerning inheritance rights over the estate of the late husband of Chatitze Molla Sali, a Greek national belonging to the country’s Muslim minority.

European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture launches in Berlin

The new European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIACH.), based in the German capital and led by Roma scholars, activists, and artists, is dedicated to the principle that Roma themselves should present the image of who they are, and who they are not.

Court: Bulgaria breached human rights law by refusing to register an organisation promoting Muslim rights

According to human rights judges, the refusal of Bulgarian authorities to register an association promoting the rights of the Muslim minority was not “necessary in a democratic society.”

Court backs Switzerland over journalist’s publication of pedophilia allegations

A decision by Swiss authorities to fine a journalist for breaching the secrecy of judicial investigation into alleged paedophilia, did not violate European human rights law.

Podcast: Two hundred and fifty years of free speech in Sweden – celebrations and challenges

This podcast, featuring a historian, a diplomat, free expression expert Mélody Patry and the Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks, explores the evolution of free speech in the country and the challenges it faces now from creeping censorship and “fake news.”