United Kingdom: Grand Chamber hearing for prisoner fighting murder-charge US extradition

The complaint concerns an extradition order against Phillip Harkins, to face trial for first-degree murder in the United States of America (USA).

Conference targets protection of cultural heritage from destruction and trafficking

The event will focus on the illicit excavation, sale and acquisition of cultural property, which has become a lucrative trade often linked to cross-border organised crime and terrorism. It is reported that Islamic State (Daesh) is plundering the cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria and is destroying deliberately important archeological sites such as Palmyra, as well as profiting from the sale of valuable stolen artefacts.

Video: A second chance for children in conflict with the law

In this video, experts discuss the protection of childhood, as it affects minors “in conflict with the law.”

Lithuania: House arrest of politician during anti-corruption investigation did not breach his electoral rights

The case concerned a complaint brought by Viktor Uspaskich, a well-known former politician, about his house arrest pending the investigation of a political corruption case in Lithuania.

Turkey: Thorbjørn Jagland “shocked and saddened” by assassination of Russia’s ambassador

He declared: I am shocked and deeply saddened by the assassination of the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara today.