Hungary: News website awaits court decision in Jobbik hyperlink free expression complaint

The case centres on a complaint by the website after it published a hyperlink to content which defamed the Jobbik political party.

United Kingdom: Court dismisses mortgage default rights complaint

The case concerned a possession order against a tenant after the landlords, who were also her parents, defaulted on their mortgage payments.

Russia: Court sets December deadline for Sea of Azov answers

Human rights judges have set a 3 December deadline for Russian answers to a series of questions concerning events in the Sea of Azov, after receiving a new inter-State case from Ukraine.

Spain: Grand Chamber opens hearing on supermarket covert video snooping on employees

A Grand chamber hearing is now underway into the covert video surveillance of a Spanish supermarket chain’s employees, under suspicion of workplace theft.

Italy: Court ruling in Silvio Berlusconi complaint

In its decision in the case of Berlusconi v. Italy (application no. 58428/13) the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has decided, by a majority, to strike the application out of its list of cases. The decision is final.