Court backs Austria over Prophet Muhammad insult conviction

According to today’s court decision, calling Muhammad a paedophile may lead to a conviction of disparaging religious doctrines and is not in breach of Article 10

Court: First request under Protocol No.16

The French Court of Cassation has submitted to the European Court of Human Rights the first request under Protocol No. 16, seeking an advisory opinion on the question of surrogacy.

France: Court ruling on ‘Sarkozy’ human rights complaint

The case concerned criminal proceedings brought against the applicant Abdoul Aziz Thiam, in the course of which the former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, applied to join the proceedings as a civil party.

Romania: Court declares “excessive and unjustified use of force during a police operation in a Roma community”

The case concerned two police operations in the Roma community of Pata Rât to locate individuals suspected of theft.

Court rules against Italy in transgender name human rights dispute

The case concerned the Italian authorities’ refusal to authorise a transgender person with a female appearance to change her male forename, on the grounds that no final judicial ruling had been given confirming gender reassignment.