Russia: Family of murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya await human rights court decision

Human rights judges will announce their ruling tomorrow (17 July), in a case against Russia which centres on the investigation into the 2006 murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Russia: Court set for ruling in Pussy Riot human rights case

The case concerns the conviction and imprisonment of members of the Russian feminist punk band, for attempting to perform one of their protest songs in a Moscow cathedral in 2012.

Dunja Mijatović: European states must put human rights at the centre of their migration policies

“European states’ current approach to the arrivals of refugees and migrants has transformed a manageable issue into an extremely divisive topic, in particular within EU member states,” says the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Court backs United Kingdom in human rights row over street brawl death

The case of Makarová v. the United Kingdom (application no. 67149/17) concerned a complaint by the sister of a Czech man killed in London about the criminal proceedings against the suspect.

Jagland urges Russia to “unfreeze” its Council of Europe financial payment

Secretary General Jagland is concerned by the financial difficulties caused to the organisation by the non-payment of Russia’s contribution within the legally agreed timeframe.