Hungary: Court hearing spotlights human rights row over election law

The case concerns a political party’s complaint about domestic court findings that a mobile telephone application it developed to allow voters to show and comment on invalid ballots cast during a 2016 referendum on European Union migrant relocation, plans broke election rules.

Court: Russia’s arrests of Aleksey Navalnyy violated his rights

Human rights judges today ruled that the arrests in 2012 and 2014 of Russian political activist and blogger Aleksey Navalnyy violated his human rights.

Moldova: Women political activists await court judgement in general election human rights complaint

The case concerns the investigation into the allegation by the applicants O.R. and L.R., that they were forced to strip naked and do sit-ups by the police when arrested in the context of wide-scale unrest in Moldova in 2009.

Court backs Austria over Prophet Muhammad insult conviction

According to today’s court decision, calling Muhammad a paedophile may lead to a conviction of disparaging religious doctrines and is not in breach of Article 10

Court: First request under Protocol No.16

The French Court of Cassation has submitted to the European Court of Human Rights the first request under Protocol No. 16, seeking an advisory opinion on the question of surrogacy.